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Adding Trees to the Parks

Students, Parks Staff and WCNA Members add trees to WCNA Parks

Successful Tree Planting In Walker's Creek South and Realty Parks with Park Staff, WCNA Members and students from Prince Philip and Lady of Fatima schools

Wednesday, April 20th  was cold, wet, windy yet the enthusiasm of students from Prince Philip and Lady of Fatima schools managed to enjoy a happy, busy and energetic experience, as five native trees, including Red Maples, Tulip and Linden trees,  were added to each of Walker’s Creek South and Realty Parks.In cooperation with the City Parks Department, lead by Jennifer McQuillan and Jason Schildroth, the two Parks gardeners showed and involved the students in the tree  plantings and preparing them for a lifetime of growth. While some students aided in the planting, other students made a “Clean Sweep” of the Parks, helping the Clean City Committee volunteers achieve the litter-free places we all prefer.

More such ventures are being considered as the effort to increase the tree canopy of our City gets seriously underway. With other schools and students helping to add trees to other Parks in the City, these initial efforts will be much appreciated in the hot summers of the future.

April Meeting Review

We had a great turnout for our April meeting!
Thanks to all who attended and extra thanks to Jim Benson and Josh Diamond for sharing with us.


Construction Update – April 11, 2011

Construction in Walker's Creek - Looking North from Lakeshore Road

Looking North from Lakeshore Road

Construction in the park continues in the area around Lakeshore Road.  Here are a couple of photos, taken the morning of April 11, 2011.

<please click the photos to see a larger version>

If you have any photos of the construction project in your area, please contact us and send them along.

Construction Looking South from Lakeshore Road

Construction Looking South from Lakeshore Road

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Did You See – Trout in Walker’s Creek?

In the spring of 2010, trout were seen in Walker’s Creek in the section north of Cindy Drive.  There were several spotted, in the pools, usually casually swimming around areas with overhanging brush.  Keep your eye out this spring to see if there are more in the area and let us know.