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The May Community Meeting report

A goodly crowd, braving the rain, enjoyed a romp through local history with noted local historian, Brain Narhi, who, with the aid of maps, archeological finds and books, took us on a tour of this Grantham area from the early use by the Indian tribes to the development of the residential neighbourhoods we now call home.

Evidence of early cemeteries, continued findings of Indian arrow heads and pottery, an active development by uprooted Empire Loyalists, leading to very productive farms and orchards that now have been transformed into residential streets, with side trips though early judicial quirks, unseemly behaviour by supposedly ‘gentle’ folks and continued evidence of original family names now identifying streets, the tour de force was interesting, engaging and insightful.

Brian Narhi made mention of the dedication of a commemorative plaque to mark the “Darby Cemetery’ now scheduled for June 18, 2011 at 11:00 AM in Cherie Road Park … exact location to be given closer to the date. He also mentioned his pleasure in receiving the lower part of a tomb stone that has been missing for about 60 years and now completing that reminder of a very early family settler.

The WCNA areas of interest were expanded with a resolution to change the constitution to now include what is known as “The Reach Eight” area of the Creek, extending from Niagara Street through to Grantham and beyond. With the restoration work almost complete in that area, the Creek is once more visible and the possibility of its attractiveness is greatly enhanced. The addition of members in this neighbourhood adds further potential to people of special skills and interests an we welcome them most happily. Karen Hendle, whose home borders on the Creek, now joins the WCNA Executive as a non-voting member, providing insight and awareness of that neighbourhood.

Reporting on ‘The Spring Stroll” through the parks with Councillors Bill Phillips and Dawn Dodge, along with staff from the Parks Department and the Lake Street Public works staff, notes and photographs of  the severe destruction of many trees by the wind storm and also the extent of work remaining to re-develop areas where the major restoration and erosion control activities have been ongoing, recored the work that will be undertaken as weather permits. Attention to repairing wet trail areas and added attention to accessibility were highlighted as well.

A ‘Stroll’ through the Reach Eight area, with Councillors Greg Washuta and Peter Secord, plus appropriate City Staff members,  is being scheduled now that the contract work is almost completed.

Attendance at the May Community meeting included Jennifer McQuillan and Jason Schildroth of the Parks and Community Services department, who have taken on the task of aiding community development activities with City community groups. This additional attention to building vibrant and interesting neighbourhoods is much appreciated and anticipated cooperation with the WCNA is a most positive advancement.

Discussion as to a new additional children’s new playground continues with the location a yet to be determined question.

Chairperson Ben Hannan encouraged the attendees to provide information on concerns or issues they perceive in the Parks, noting access to the Executive can be by phone … WCNA answering machine at City Hall is 905-688-5601 extension 1912 … or by email to “”. The addition of doggy ‘poop and scoop’ stations, with appropriate bags and waste disposal, is under discussion. Members are reminded that the Parks are ‘dogs on leash only’ parks and free running dogs are not permitted by City bylaw.

The program content of the June Community meeting, to be held at the Lions’ Club Hall on Niagara Street on June 22nd, will be announced following the WCNA Executive meeting scheduled for June 7th.




SPECIAL NOTE – Rice Road sale – Date Changed

Hello Neighbour,
Somehow there was a mix-up in the date of the plant discount date …
the 25% off plant purchases is actually on Tuesday May 10, 2011 from 8 am to 8 pm at Rice Road Greenhouses
We apologize for the mix-up.

WCNA Community Meeting – May

Our May 18th meeting will feature guest speaker Brian Narhi, who will be sharing his extensive knowledge of the history of our area.

Grantham Lions Club
732 Niagara Street
St. Catharines, ON

7:00 pm

Please mark your calendar now to join us for this informative event!

WCNA Community Meeting, May 18, 2011 Agenda:
1- Welcome
2- Short business meeting…
— Approval of minutes for the April Community meeting
— Adding “Reach Eight” areas to the WCNA areas … an addition to our Constitution
3- Dr. Brain Narhi … our guest speaker … a noted historian will take us on a tour of interesting areas relative to the Walker’s Creek and its past.  Dr. Narhi has been a most appreciated guest speaker to the WCNA in the past, adding insight, information and surprises to what has gone on before us.
Coffee Break and Chat Time
“Informal getting to know you time with questions, discussion, idea sharing and information flow!!”
4- Update on the Parks and Trails … wind damage reports, actions underway and proposed …
5- Schedule of WCNA events and activities for the coming months
6- Draw for the May meeting Door Prize !! …
A delicious fish and chips dinner for two, courtesy of “J & S Monks” located in the Linwell Plaza
7- “Planning ahead for the WCNA 2011″
An exercise is what Members suggest they would like to see happening.
8- Searching for leaders …
Folks whose skills and interests can enhance the activities and interest in the WCNA Association, Parks, and Trails
9- Discussion: Open Forum
10- Reminder of the next WCNA Community meeting on Wednesday June 22nd
11- Adjournment

City Notice about Cleaning Up After Wind Storm

The City of St. Catharines has issued this notice regarding clean up efforts after the recent wind storms.

City Notice






(please click the image to view the notice in PDF format)

Wildlife in the Walker’s Creek area

Can you identify this fish?