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June Community Meeting

Join us on Wednesday, June 22nd for our June Community Meeting!

Our main topic of discussion will be the recent rehabilitation project of Walker’s Creek, focusing on the southernmost areas, known as “Reach 8”, roughly bordered by Niagara Street, Carleton Street and Grantham Avenue.

WCNA members and City staff recently took a stroll through the area, and will be sharing their observations.  City representatives, including Councillors Washuta and Secord will be there to join in the discussion.

Join us at the Lion’s Club hall on Niagara Street, starting at 7:00 PM!

Historical Plaque Unveiling – Darby Family Burial Plot

The City of St. Catharines Heritage Committee

requests the honour of your presence

at an historical plaque unveiling


Saturday, June 18th, 2011

11 o’clock a.m.


The Darby Family Burial Plot,


Cindy Drive Park

(between Cindy Drive and Lakeshore Road,

and between Arthur Street and Willcher Drive.)


For additional information contact:

Brian Narhi (905) 934-1744


Mr. Kevin Blozowski, Planning Services Department,

City of St. Catharines,

(905) 688-5601 ext. 1710.


A Preliminary “Reach Eight” Stroll

Karen Hendle, Reach Eight representative to the WCNA Executive group, Karen’s husband, Neil, Fayaz Khan of the City’s Engineering Department and Ben Hannan, Chair of the WCNA,  did a gentle, first stroll alongside the rejuvenated Reach Eight section of Walker’s Creek on Tuesday May 31st.

The Reach Eight section of the Walker’s Creek runs open from Niagara Street , opposite Laura Second Secondary school, through the now old and time worn Arboretum, beside the Kenworth apartments to Grantham St,  where it again disappears underground for some distance .

While evidence of the damage from the wind storm was very apparent, equally so was the extensive work done by the contractor in eliminating many trees that overhung the Creek, reshaping some of the Creek banks for erosion control and removing much excess brush and undergrowth, making the watercourse much more visible and active. The anticipation of new growth in disturbed areas holds great promise. The discovery of a nesting duck, close to the fence line, was a special surprise, given that she must have endured the noise and activity of the work on the Creek, as well as our passing, pausing and discussing in that area.

The Stroll was especially pleasing, in that reports of greatly reduced obnoxious odours, which had been experienced in past years along this Creek section, were celebrated … “Only the occasional whiff” described the long awaited change. Concern continues to focus on the large collection tank under Grantham Street where debris can and does accumulate, possibly causing the offensive odours when rain, entering the system via a number of storm sewers, flushes the tank, moving the stagnant water and its residue into the open creek bed. As the storm sewers that bring the water into this area of the Creek come from as far away as the parking area of the plaza at Bunting and Welland streets, the possibility of some additional sources of the odour causing input has yet to be fully explored and determined.

A Frosst wire fence that encloses the paved pathway past the Kenworth Apartments, was heavily damaged by falling trees during the windstorm, and has yet to be repaired. Open areas to the Creek are allowing teens  and others to enter the area that had been ‘off limits’. This paved pathway which is of much interest to people with accessibility issues, presently leads nowhere, ending in a soft patch of wood chips before becoming a muddy and impassable field and park like area. A complete pathway, suitable for wheelchairs and mobility assisted movement, plus direct access from Grantham to Niagara streets for the mobility challenged individuals and the Secondary school students, was discussed and will be pursued by the WCNA.

Though the contractor has now finished the work on the Creek proper, the wet weather and muddy conditions have left deep ruts from the construction machines allowing water to collect beside the Creek through the old Arboretum area, making passage next to impossible. This repair work will be undertaken by the contractor when drier conditions allow the smoothing and planting of grass.

Plans are underway to invite Councillors Washuta and Secord, Staff from TES and RCS to join with members of the WCNA Executive for a more extensive Stroll and review of the improvements completed and potential positive usage of these wonderful, restful, park-like areas.