Monthly Archives: August 2011

Mosquitos and Walker’s Creek …

“Hey Ben … come look at this!!”

“Not sure what I am seeing, Kelly”

“See that little wiggly thing … and there’s another one … here, that’s  a small leech … look, some more little bugs …” Kelly Jamesion, staff biologist  with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) had names for all the ‘bugs’ but what impressed me more was that she identified them as the demons of mosquito larvae … they are our protectors, the hungry eliminators of the feared mosquito breeding in the Creek.

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August Insights

A seldom mentioned section of the Walker’s Creek course and associated trails, viewed recently, was an interesting discovery. A Stroll along the Creek that runs in the open from Linwell through to Scott street, and which borders Realty Park, was a new experience, resulting from some comments by nearby residents concerned with ‘pooling in the creek, increased algae growth, possible mosquito breeding grounds and also some nefarious and annoying nighttime activities by unknown persons. We did see some very small fish living in one of the larger pools, so maybe we have help in controlling mosquito growth.

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Recently … in The Parks …

Motorized vehicles are prohibited in the Parks and on the pathways. This is a City Bylaw, enforced by Police and being communicated by additional signs being installed to inform all of this long standing Park policy. With people walking, jogging, cycling, with young children romping about freely and with dogs on long leashes also enjoying the open spaces, any invasion of motorized vehicles … Motor bikes, ATVs, cars or trucks other than City or contractor vehicles … creates dangerous situations and the possibility of accidents. Residents are encouraged to contact the Police when such vehicles are seen intruding into the parks. A report to the WCNA … email to “” … would also be appreciated.

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