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Meet the Mayor at the WCNA AGM

Walker’s Creek Neighbourhood Association

Invites your participation

at the

Annual Meeting of the WCNA

Tuesday, January 31, 7:00 PM

Grantham Lion’s Club, Niagara Street

Mayor Brian McMullan will be our special guest and speaker at the WCNA AGM. An opportunity to ‘dialogue’ with The Mayor, with your City Councillors, receive the Annual Report of your Board of Director and learn of the many plans for the seasons ahead.

The Board of Directors wants to share its news and definitely wants to know what you would like us to do to make our Parks even more interesting, attractive and pleasurable. “Music in the Parks” … More historic information? … Better information on trees and plants? … Organized fun like kit flying?? … GPS searches? … Directed “Walks in the Parks”, spring and fall … Garden Planning … Plant sale … a very busy year unfolds!!

Membership renewal will eb available as will a “Coffee Chat” time … a good time and place to share with your family and neighbours!!

The Year That Was … The Year That Begins

The Year That Was did have its successes and excitement … completion of the restoration of Walker’s Creek, from Grantham Street to the Lake; tree planting in two parks with two schools; a brand new children’s playground in Cindy Drive Park;  with massive assistance from the City crews, the devastation of the March windstorm, was dealt with effectively and efficiently; the first “Town Hall Meeting in the Park” endured despite it being the hottest day and steamiest evening of August; with assistance from the Niagara Parks Conservation staff, we gained knowledge and reduced the concern for West Nile virus carried by mosquitoes near the Creek; the Reach Eight section of Pearson park was restored and rejuvenated with massive removal of excess bush, correction of the Creek bed and erosion control upgraded, all leading to reduced offensive odours that kept nearby residents in their homes in previous summers; the addition of the Darby Family Commemorative cemetery plaque brought recognition of the early settlers’ lives directly into Cindy Drive Park; The “Walks In The Parks” , organized by RCS and with WCNA leaders, was an effective beginning to exploring the many interesting aspects of this Parkland, its flora, attributes and some of the early history; Community meetings with topics ranging from local history to computer and social media usage; the addition of signage prohibiting motorized vehicles in the parks has now been posted.

And we met a lot of very nice people, walking, jogging, cycling and especially exercising their dogs. Happily, it is very few who do not follow the “Poop and Scoop” practices. We chatted with folks who are mobility challenged and gained a new perspective of their needs and what the Parks offer them .

It wasn’t all roses … areas that have been wet and damp over the years still await correction; some folks do silently use the borders of the Parks as their private dumping grounds; swimming pools emptying onto the parks’ grassy slopes did damage pathways with erosion and we do wish that more of the folks who use and enjoy the Parks would also lend a hand and get involved with the small cadre of volunteers who readily offer energy, hours and assistance in seeing to  those tasks that make Walker’s Creek Parks the envy of many parts of our City.


The Year That Begins … already holds much promise. Beginning with the WCNA Annual General meeting On Tuesday January 31 at the Lions’ Club on Niagara Street, a planned schedule of events, meetings, Plant sales, Yard Tour, “Conversation Cafes” with Brock University on “Does the neighbourhood matter to you?”, more on Computer and social media use, help in planning your spring and summer gardens, and staying aware of City initiatives that may impact on our communities … all topics that lie in front of us and make WCNA Membership a valued asset to community living. The City Accessibility Committee has agreed to do a survey of the WCNA pathways and provide us with recommendations that will encourage and support increased use by people who are mobility challenged. Watch for some Music in the Parks,  Spring and early Autumn “Walks in the Parks’, keep September open for another Star Gazing Night, watch for more cooperation amongst Community Groups and especially Walker’s Creek and Malcolmson Eco-Park, tags on trees so we can distinguish native varieties, shape and sizes, seek out the unique tress and plants found in the Parks … the Year That Begins promises much more and we encourage your participation, involvement and enjoyment!!


Proposed Changes to the WCNA Constitution

As a result of a further year’s experience with the governing document for the Walker’s Creek neighbourhood association, the Executive recommends the passage and adoption of the following changes to the WCNA Constitution.

Article #2: Mission statement and Objectives
2.02> Add Pearson Park (Reach Eight) to the list of five parks (Walker’s Creek South and North, Cindy Drive Park, Cherie Road Park, Realty Park) previously identified.(3/2011)

Article # 5: Executive Of The Association
5.02> To the elected positions of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer add Membership Coordinator and Past Chairperson as a non-voting Executive member, based on this person’s willingness to continue and when she or he is not elected to a different elected Executive position.

Article #7: Duties of Executive Officers
7.06> The number of signing Executive officers be reduced from four to three, with any two required on cheques and necessary documents.

Article # 8: Duties of the Executive:
8.01> The use of the words “Community Meetings” replaces the words “General Meetings” when referring to meetings other than the Annual General meeting.

Article # 9: Meetings of the Executive
9.03> The required quorum for an Executive meeting is changed from two to three Executive members
9.05> In addition to the Executive Secretary, the Chairperson is included and able to give notice of a meeting of the Executive in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution.

Article #10: General (Community) Meetings of the Association
10.02> Meetings can be called by the Executive or by 10 members in good standing, a reduction from the previously stated 20 members.
10.03> Quorums of General (Community) meetings shall be 8 members in good standing.

Your comments are always welcome.  These proposed changes will be voted upon at the next general meeting.