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When Spring springs …

When Spring springs, we see the beauty of the bare bones of the Parks … no leaves, no tall plants blocking the view of the Creek … just the Parks, walkways , greenery … and surprises …

Beauty … 

Small, delicate, beautiful and well hidden, this blue gem is well worth enjoying at various places along tthe Creek banks … and Voila, “To Be Father Mallard and Mother “, ‘a-courting in the Creek near Ina Grafton Gage Village … Father to be Mallard has been a noisy ‘Honker’ but Mother to be has certainly quieted him down … we will watch for the expanded family in the coming weeks … four plus … and report on the family and the swim lessons.

And The Beast …

Unfortunately … regretfully … dramatically … the winter litter also is now in full view!! Plastic water bottles, plastic bags, even used construction materials, shopping carts, and one cross country ski … why must the Creek and the banks become such a  haven for the detritus, when refuse barrels are self evident? Please don’t litter your Parks!!

Thanks to the few who carry a grocery bag and add litter to it as they enjoy the Parks … the Realty Park area … from Regent Street to Scott, has yielded three plus bags of litter and a few other items of different sorts, courtesy of a an interested and willing volunteer Member. An hour in Walker’s Creek South yielded three large bags of winter detritus … paper, cardboard, water bottles … and one rubber flapper for a toilet tank!! Small bags can go in the refuse barrels and large bags and other items , can be placed by the roadside … let us know where they are and we will advise the City who does a great job of making this garbage disappear. The WCNA will have groups cooperating in Parks clean-ups from April 23 to 28 as part of “Pitch In Week, 2012” … look for a small group in the Park and join them in your area … get some neighbours together and make a sweep of the area near you homes … join with the Clean City Committee on Saturday April 28th adjacent to Market Square for displays, demonstrations, information and entertainment, disposal of used batteries and electronics … and sign up for one of the chosen sites for a major Clean Sweep.

Lots of trees are down over the Creek, and a few ‘dams’ of sticks and leaves that are restricting the flow, have been identified and reported to the appropriate City Departments. And the WCNA Directors are doing regular Strolls noting and reporting items of concern. Plans for the First Spring Stroll with City Staff and Ward Councillors is now being planned. This initial Stroll of 2012 provides all with an excellent review of tasks awaiting attention, some of which can be quickly dealt with while others may see action later in the season and through the summer months.

“Walker’s Creek Condominiums”, a six storey building  to be constructed between the Shoppers Drug Mart/Starbucks Plaza and the existing apartment complex on Scott Street ,opposite the Grantham Plaza, now has its identity sign in place. The developers and builders have indicated a quality interest in having conversations with the WCNA to make that entry way to the pathways and Creek an attractive and functional objective.

Mark your calendar … for April 10th when the WCNA and Brock University , Community Learning programs, hold a Conversation Cafe at the Grantham Lion’s Club on Niagara street dealing with “Does the neighborhood matter to you?”. An opportunity to consider what makes a neighbourhood a happy place in which to dwell, with friendly, caring, cooperating folks who take a definite interest is what goes on around their families, homes, street and area. Coffee, conversation, shared views and opinions … makes for an interesting and stimulating evening … from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. Plan on attending!!

The City Accessibility Committee and some WCNA Directors will meet in the coming week to consider a survey and report, providing recommendations that can lead to our Park Pathways being more readily useful for mobility challenged individuals with walkers, wheelchairs and electric driven mobility devices. Providing these good folks with the enjoyment available to so many, is a very positive step in making the Parks a place for all.

The “J & S Monks” fish dinner gift certificate, a gift to the WCNA by this fine shop, was won by John Hartman at the rccent Community meeting. John is also considering taking up the position of ‘Park Steward’ for the Realty Park area and pathways. This function is to be the watchful eye that can report needs or concerns to the WCNA for action by the City or appropriate authorities.

The WCNA website is our main means of keeping all members and friends informed … please check it regularly to see what is planned, what is happening and what ahs happened. As you are presently reading it … you can help keep everyone informed by passing on the website address to others  … a most helpful, cooperative assistance!!

Recent Happenings …

Recent happenings include plans and concerns, plus some joyous recognition of some four footed friends.

Of concern is City Council facing a decision this Monday evening, to change the name of Cindy Drive Park to “Darby Park”, to further recognize the Darby Family for whom a commemorative plaque was installed last year in Cindy Drive Park. Your Directors have taken a position asking Council to deny the request for a name change as it affects the history of the area, the identification of a desirable neighbourhood and diminishes the due recognition for other settler families and War of 1812 veterans, whose accomplishments in the early days are well documented. Such a name change would cost the City an additional $2000 plus and that would be in addition to the City funding, at approximately $3000, for the commemorative plaque, for which  expenditures  for both projects have yet to receive any supportive funding from the applictants. Your Directors have stated that this additional expense could be better used in the Parks that would have greater benefit for more people than the name change would provide.

Immediate plans  include this Wednesday evening’s Communiy meeting at 7:00 PM at the Grantham Lion’s Club, that will add experience, solutuions and information for effective use of your home computer, social media gadgets and will incliude discussion on the effective use of Kijijii and E-Bay.  Please bring your gadgets and laptop computers with you so that our WCNA IT guru can be specific in his responses. 

Mark your calendars … Earth Day will be celebrated on Saturday, April 21 this year. Great plans in Malcolmson Park, with planting, path work and clean-up … with lots of donuts to keep up your energy  … includes the first of their two Plant Sale events. The second plant sale will be held on May 5th.

Pitch In Week, 2012 . the annual spring clean-up of the City, will be held on Saturday April 28th, with demonstrations, entertainment and information booths adjacent to Market Square in the morning and clean -up site sign-in sheets for chosen sites available. Also there will be a free collection of used batteries and electronics at Market Square.

The WCNA will spend the week of April 23 to 28 cleaning the Creek of an enormous amount of winter detritus. Daily work parties will see welcoming groups on the Creek sides and in the Creek gathering the garbage, much of which has deposited due to high winds this ‘winter’ but also careless disposal of litter.

And spring has definitely sprung … ducks in the Creek, Snapping turtles seen , adult bunnies making their appearance, birds galore singing loud and long ‘love songs’ and four footed friends enjoying the warm days, playful spirit and opportunities to greet many more people and children. Quiet, happy, doing somersaults … happy days in the Parks!!