Monthly Archives: June 2012

One Person’s Delight …

One person’s delight might be another’s issue … that thought crossed my mind as I sat here looking at the final arrival of the rain Friday morning. “See the gardeners smile’ … but the canceled baseball tournament, has the players certainly wondering what they did wrong to get this lousy weather after the string of beautiful weather we have enjoyed … or endured. And this was suddenly reinforced as I reviewed the recent number of comments received via our Comments section of this website.

The persons using the Parks, especially Walker’s Creek South, who found a number of blunt arrows in and around the Creek area, are very concerned about the danger of this activity. No one has seen the archer(s), just the results of their activities. With cyclists riding in the Parks, with dogs enjoying the end of the long rope which gives them plenty of space to run and enjoy the open areas and with folks strolling and enjoying the peacefulness of the Parks … to be suddenly aware of  arrows flying by or overhead … thank goodness, no one we know of has been struck. So PLEASE, Archers, find a better , safer, less active place to enjoy your sport, enhance your skill and retrieve your arrows. Call the Parks Department and ask where this might be possible … that way you can enjoy yourself and we can all feel properly safe.

Another comment brought a new situation to light … when wild destructive animals are drugged … poisoned … they often find a different area in which to die. When that happens to be a neighbour’s yard where puppies, dogs, cats play … the dead poisoned animal becomes a serious worry, potentially causing unintended agony and death of a favourite pet. So the solution for one to rid the area of destructive animals becomes a terror for another as it threatens the pleasure and security of the family pet(s). Not sure how to solve this one … thoughts of traps, Alive trapping, companion planting in gardens that repels an animal thereby protecting the vegetables or plants being destroyed … Marigolds, garlic, human hair around bulbs, even bone meal have some protective qualities and do not threaten any pet or distress a neighbour.

And sometimes, due to misguided assumptions that any garden waste can become excellent fertilizer, doing no damage when dumped in a pile in the bushes along the Creek side … may the dumpers never have to account for the aquatic creatures whose lives are shortened by the leaching of the rot into their habitat, the deteriorated quality of the water flowing through. So the dumper feels satisfied by ridding him/herself (secretly ??) of the detritus … while others who share the Parks, suffer the results. Disrespect ??? Maybe we need to think more of others and the role our behaviour may have on them.  Plus, there are serious fines imposed when dumpers are identified and ticketed … hurting yourself is a very real possibility!!

And may the rider of a motorcycle seen recently on the pathways of the Parks, see, read and observe the signs that prohibit such activity in our Parks. As the use of any motorized vehicle is prohibited in the WCNA Parks, the Police have been notified of this rider’s activity and are increasing their watchfulness. That rider’s pleasure seriously threatens others and the potential angst and damage has serious repercussions, for the rider and the victim of his/her disregard of the rules for all.

On  a more positive note … the next “Walk In The Parks” takes place on Thursday, June 7th, beginning at 10:00 AM , meeting on Cindy Drive for a well informed stroll through unique Cherie Road Park. Each of the WCNA Parks is different, unique and special and Cherie Road is at the top of that list …  join Della Trojan for an experience that explains the many special features, answers your many questions and adds this most pleasing area to your list of “Must walk there again” locations.