Monthly Archives: October 2012

Autumn Delights … again

Autumn delights … again, as we switch seasons and gain new views of the familiar Parks, the Creek becomes more visible and the birds head south, leaves change and brighten and cool walks beckon folks who enjoy the briskness and the openness that has been well hidden all summer. The wild sour grapes seem to be well known to all as the stems remain but the fruit disappears. Lots of nuts on the ground, lots of weeds with interesting tops beg to be cut and taken home to decorate corners of rooms … gotta love the four seasons we get to enjoy!!

And WCNA Programs move indoors …

Thursday October 24th, 7:00 PM at the Grantham Lions Club on Niagara street, has June Streadwick, “Master Gardener”, offering timely advice to the experienced and novice gardeners on “Winterizing Your Home Garden”.  June will also bring us the latest new on the Ash Borer, that evil wee bug that so threatens our many ash trees on streets and in the Parks. Time to photograph your favourite Ash Trees as devastation may not be that far away!! June will also provide information on how Master Gardeners can assist home gardeners with their planning and plantings.

Monday November 5th, at 7:00 PM at Ina Grafton Gage Village, Building “B”, Brock University’s “A Conversation Cafe” invites folks from IGGV and from the community  to participate in a discussion on “Why get involved in your Community?”  This discussion, involving personal experiences and advice explores the role of community development and involvement. Adding one’s skills and interests to existing groups is one way to add pleasure, build new friendships and provide benefits to the individual and the community.

Monday, November 19th at 7:00 PM at Grantham Lions Club, a WCNA sponsored “Conversation Cafe” will consider “Technology: A blessing or a curse?” Dependence on computer, cellphones, IPads and tablets has changed the way we communicate, in most cases making for easier and more frequent contact with friends near and far, business associates and certainly for research on a  wide range of topics. But, as seen recently with the suicide of the young person who was bullied, this communication tool can have dire results when mis-used. The caution parents are urged to employ with their young people suggests understanding what technology can and does do and where the pitfalls may exist is pertinent and timely.

The WCNA is cooperating with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority in the preparation of a very professional, quality booklet entitles “Landowner Stewardship Guide” that will deal specifically with the Walker’s Creek and its adjacent areas. It is planned to be available in the Spring of 2013 as a free handout to all property owners abutting the parks, with copies in the Libraries as well.

The Pathway through the Old Arboretum, joining Grantham and Niagara Streets, through what the WCNA refers to as “Reach Eight”,  is well underway and as of this Wednesday morning, the crushed rock base was complete and the spreading and compacting of the top surface stone dust was well underway. This pathway formalizes what was the muddy trek used by Laura Secord Secondary School students as their quick route to and from school from Grantham Avenue neighbourhoods. Its existence is sure to delight the many mobility challenged folks for whom Niagara Street from Grantham required a ’round the block’ journey. Thanks to the RCS and Councillor Greg Washuta for seeing the need and responding.

The Kiwanis Swimming pool is proving to be a real favourite with all age groups. The inclusion of two warm water pools, as well as the large and cooler swimming pool, provides very comfortable exercise opportunities to many folks, able to choose the water temperature that best suits their interests. Individual entrance fees are modest and a multi-use card offers even more savings, making this attraction one that has been long desired. With its large windows … and if we do get snow this winter … the treat of swimming while looking out at winter will be an enhanced experience.