Monthly Archives: October 2013

You are invited …

You are invited to join the Directors of “The Friends of Walkers Creek … WCNA” at its monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 16th, beginning at 7:00 PM at the Grantham Lion’s Club. A “Q & A” session will follow the agenda items up for discussion and decisions. 

                                 Agenda items include the following:
                                                                    Distribution of the Homeowners’ Stewardship Guide
                                                                 Program for the Community meeting for November 20th
                                                                                     Review of the Autumn Stroll
                                                                               Grant possibilities and intentions
                                                                        Increasing school involvement in the Parks
                                                                            Alternative to the rental postal box

Proposed schedule of 2014 Spring and Autumn “Walks in the Parks”
Consideration of a WCNA presentation to City Council
Review of income revenue from Membership and Donations: 2010 – 2013
Report on continued vine planting on the QEW Sound Barrier

Copies of the “Homeowners Stewardship Guide to Walkers Creek” will be available at this meeting.