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Thinking … Planning > > ACTION

Thinking and Planning over the cold months, now yields to actions. Yes… Pitch In Week saw the Parks swept with the assistance of students from Prince Philip school, grade seven … a fine group of youngsters saw what litter can do to the natural beauty, saw how using the waste barrels is the ‘right thing to do’, looked at the Buffer Zone garden planted last year by fellow students … and collected many bags of litter and recyclable materials. Active, energetic and now much more aware of the gem that the Walkers Creek Parks really are.
The Annual “Spring Stroll” is also history as last week Senior City Staff, with Della Trojan of the “Friends” as their guide, roamed the Parks from Melody Lane to Linwell Road. Jeff Silcox-Childs, newly appointed Manger of Parks, Cemeteries, Horticulture and Forestry was most impressed as the Parks were introduced to him. With Mauro Becchetti and Toni Delio, Senior Foemen of Parks and TES, Gavin Pally, City Arborist, Diana Lecinski, Staff person with the Accessible Committee, Kristen Sullivan, staff person with the Green Committee … a crowd that thoroughly viewed the Parks as they are, identified items that need attention and shared potential and plans to make the great Parks even better. Sharing the insights of the professionals is always a most beneficial event for the “Friends” as they see what can be, encourage us to take action and plan for efforts that will bring the Parks ever forward.
Of immediate interest is the blooming Cucumber tree in the park between the Bump Bridge and Linwell Road. More blossoms that seen in recent years, this unique tree, a member of the Magnolia family, is a native specie to this area. As an endangered species, records of the location of such trees are kept by the Ministry of Natural Resources. This tree was bought by and planted in its excellent location by the then “Walkers Creek Neighbourhood Association”. It is well worth a look-see. And check-out the interesting posting via Google … “Cucumber Tree (Species at risk)”
The new bridge over the Creek that will reconnect the Beau Valley area with the parks, proceeds … later than hoped but now with a July completion date. With a stronger, widermore accessibly useful bridge, we appreciate the patience of those who have waited for this renewal and we thank City Staff, and our Ward Councillors, for seeing to the progress and completion that is now more probable.
New signage for the Walkers Creek Parks is getting serious consideration. A large entry sign as well as smaller explanatory and identification signs are currently under design review which will be followed by costing and installation responsibilities. These signs are brought to the Parks courtesy of the funds raised by the Annual Plant Sale. This year the “Friends” Plant Sale will be held on Saturday, June 6th from 8:00 AM to noon at 88 Cherie Road. Plants for this sale most commonly are donated by Friends and Neighbours, and come from their home gardens. If you are looking particularly for native species, varieties of Hostas and pollinating plants, this sale, with its moderate prices, is the place to be.
The “Friends of Walkers Creek” is a voluntary membership organization and we welcome new members any time of the year. The $10 membership fee enables us to add to the Parks … benches, trees, bushes, signage … and also provides members with an opportunity to have their visions considered and implemented. We are pleased with the many Members who have already renewed their membership for 2015 and we look forward to hearing from more stalwart Friends. Income tax receipts are issued to all paid up Members in time for the dreaded Tax filing time.
Plans under active work and consideration include: the Annual General meeting; mulching efforts to protect trees and plantings; additions to the two Butterfly gardens; Spring and Autumn “Walks in the Parks’ with expert leadership (schedule in the “City Leisure Activities” booklet); planning for a more active youth program … “A Classroom In The Parks” to encourage younger folks to learn about, appreciate and be involved in activities and free play; a “Town Hall Meeting in the Parks” in August; the annual Star Gazing night” in September and we are seeking musicians who would like to wander the trails in the evenings playing their instruments … Pipers, Sax players, Trumpet … making joyful sounds that surprise and please folks in the parks and nearby neighbours. Contact us by phone, by email or in person!!
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