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The Friends Earn Another award

Thursday February 24, 2016, The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) again recognized the efforts, cooperation and creative actions of many groups including “The Friends Of Walkers Creek”.

Proudly, The Friends of Walkers Creek shared recognition with the Port Dalhousie Beautification and Works Committee, Friends of One Mile Creek and others as partners with the NPCA in “Restoration Projects”.

Engaging students from local schools in creating new gardens, in teaching youth the skills and joys of participation while understanding the value of the work done, is an ongoing aspect of much work by The Friends. A buffer zone garden which is now “The Classroom In The Park” is an excellent example of this cooperation … City, NPCA, The Friends and Prince Philip School. Planting, maintaining, sharing this one venture limits the flow of water and materials into the Creek. A ‘Pollinating Garden’, funded and planned by the Niagara Restoration Council assisted by The Friends again with students involved is a direct response to the decline in number of bees and pollinating insects. Specifically plants that attract the wee insects were planted, the area mulched and the what limited maintenance was required became another success for The Friends.
A special pleasure for The Friends is meeting some of the students who return with their parents to see what he or she and classmates had accomplished. Knowing plant names, understanding different planting techniques for flowers, bushes and trees is a gained knowledge that can blossom further as these youngsters become adults, home owners and volunteers with groups that interest them. Plus, the joy of playing freely in the parks, being aware of the place of nature in providing interest and enjoyment, are ideas firmly planted, along with the satisfaction of successful gardening. Some call it a “Sense of Responsibility” as the students do take ownership of the work in which they have participated coupled with a caring for the Parks.

In 2015, The Friends of Walkers Creek group was awarded the NPCA Award of Merit for its development and enhancement of the Parks. This year’s Award recognizes the efforts to improve and support quality water resources with, quietly, a hope that these endeavours may encourage the spawning fish seen downstream, to travel further into the Parks as they did in years past.

An overflow crowd of participants and staff filled the large program room at Ball’s Falls. As individuals and groups were identified and received their awards, one could only be seriously impressed with the variety and diversity of programs and projects fostered by the NPCA, supported by a vast collection of interested and dedicated individuals. From wetland conservators, beach erosion activities, the planting of trees, the development of programs for adults and children, interpretive heritage programs, artisans who share their skill in demonstrations, bird monitoring … and the list could go on.

For The Friends of Walkers Creek, one person is responsible for the creative projects, the motivation to achieve a plan, the engagement of school students, seriously monitoring the Parks and securing the cooperation of City and NPCA staff and skills. Della Trojan is that person, leading interpretive and explanatory walks for the public, holding the annual Friends’ Plant Sale in June at her home, overseeing the arrangements for the September Star Gazing Night and always having something of unusual interest to enhance the experience of the young students who so willing respond, with their teachers, to her offers of projects.

Supporting the efforts of The Friends of Walkers Creek through the membership association is encouraged as these funds are what allows The Friends to accomplish the many projects they undertake. The $10 annual membership fee per family, for which a City Income tax receipt is provided, is an investment that has benefit directly for the member and for the community as a whole. (Elsewhere on this website, information on obtaining a membership is provided.)

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