A Very Fine Evening!!

A very fine evening … Cindy Drive Park, dancing sunshine, the odd drop of ‘moisture’ … and happy folks enjoyed the Naval Reserve Band concert and their hour long display of musicality, skill, humour, with familiar tunes from movies and Broadway Shows, topped off with toe-tapping marches.

The 35 member Band, made up of Naval Reservist musicians from Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba are on a summer tour that has included the massive  Nova Scotia Tattoo, concerts on Parliament Hill, in ‘Mel Lastman Square’ in Toronto and many smaller venues, like our Cindy Drive Park, Simcoe Park in NOTL, a stop-over in Fenlon Falls and a final summer appearance at the CNE. They played to a most appreciative crowd … larger by many more than was anticipated … and the fine music was backed by the happy sounds of children enjoying the nearby Playground.

One Band member remarked , “We’ve played before much larger crowds but seldom has there been the enthusiastic response to our music that we experienced here tonight!!” He also noted that the Band had never seen so many quiet dogs at any of their concerts!! One couple, with children and family dog in tow, made a point of seeking out a WCNA Director … “This was wonderful … where else could a family come to an outdoor event  right in our neighbourhood, where the kids could safely play, the dog lie quietly with us while we really enjoyed the Band and the music … please do more of these!!”  Comments from many folks indicated this was the fitst time they had been into the Park … and happily they expressed intentions to explore more and discover all these wonderful, natural parks have to offer.

The WCNA is most appreciative of the support given by City Council, particularly Councilors Bill Phillips and Dawn Dodge, and the generous assistance by staff of the  Recreation and Community Services Department. And thanks to the nearby residents to the Concert site who came and joined the crowd or simply chose to enjoy the event from within their own backyards … wonderful cooperation!!


We are looking into the Weather Crystal Ball to see if we can find a an evening without rain on which to hold the twice postponed “Town Hall Meeting In the Park”.  This informal evening session  with Grantham Ward Councillors Bill Phillips and Dawn Dodge in Cindy Drive Park is a good time to learn about what’s new and what’s planned, to get answers to your questions and to make suggestions to our City Council members. Watch this website for proposed dates … again!!

The annual “Star Gazing Night” is planned for the evening of Saturday, September 8 in Cindy Drive Park. This annual event, when the WCNA hosts the Niagara Chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society, is a favourite. With a variety of telescopes , folks get to view sections of the night sky and see close-up what may be distant dim dots of light!! With knowledgeable amateur astronomers sharing their enthusiasm and awareness of what is ‘up there’, youngsters and adults are encouraged to see and discover what is happening in the night sky at that time of year. This is a “Weather Permitting” program with a “Bring your lawn chair ‘ advisory.

The City Heritage Committee is organizing an installation of a commemorative plaque, marking an additional early settler’s family cemetery in the area. This event, tentatively planned for the daytime on September 8th, will be the second such historical plaque located in the area, the first being the Darby Family Cemetery commemorative plaque in Cindy Drive Park, close to the new playground. Watch for details here as that event’s plans are finalized.

And for those folks who plan well in advance, circle November 19th when the Community Learning Department of Brock University will present a “Conversation Cafe” at the Grantham Lions’ Club on Niagara Street. Looking at where technology now impacts daily life, these conversations are a sharing of views, insights and discussions that clarify and entertain. Beginning at 7:00 PM, the hour and half program, hosted by the WCNA,  is an interesting and informative way to share your views and hear what others are thinking.