“To promote safety and enjoyment, and to enhance and maintain the quality of life in and around our parks and neighbourhood.”

Walker’s Creek Neighbourhood Association in north St. Catharines generates Community Spirit

From Jennifer Kennedy’s front-page article in The Standard, Sept 15, 2003 …

There’s something different about the Walker’s Creek neighbourhood. Maybe it’s the fact that residents meeting for the first time discover they share feelings of pride about their north St. Catharines community, characterized by a linear ribbon of connected creekside parks.

It’s all thanks to the Walker’s Creek Neighbourhood Association, the first of its kind in St. Catharines.

“It’s brought a really nice coziness to the neighborhood. This community is so strong. It’s really just a testament that the people in our group care so much.”

The Association has worked with the Niagara Regional Police to make the parks as vandalism-free as possible. It estab lished two new playgrounds in the area.

And after discovering that much of their beloved park system was zoned for possible development — a holdover from the time when the north end was rezoned from agricultural use for subdivisions — members gathered 600 signatures on a petition and con vinced the city to consider changing the zoning to EPA.

The group was established after a resident called the city about the downing of 14 maple trees in the parks a month earlier. It’s not known who ran down the trees.

That call led the city to organize a community meeting. By the end of the gathering, more than 35 people were signed up to be members of the Walker’s Creek Neighbourhood Association. “We just want to make sure we keep focused on the positive, not the negative.” From the newly wedded to the newly retired, from young parents to seniors living on their own, the area is home to a wide spectrum of society living along Walker’s Creek.

And our commitment continues…

The WCNA continues to work to attract more people to our parks & neighbourhood. Our membership continues to grow each year.