Busy times for the Friends of Walkers Creek

Busy times for the “Friends of Walkers Creek” … the calendar is full and we sure would like to have you join in …

Thursday, May 29th, 10:00 AM, meet on Parnell and wander Walkers Creek North and Cindy Drive Parks with Della Trojan, Vice Chairperson of “The Friends” and all-knowing leader of what is happening in the Parks, enjoy what unique species there are to see, she welcomes questions and has answers. This “Walk in the Parks”, a Carolinian Forest experience, is special with the Darby Historical Plaque identifying early settler times, the Creek and its many features … maybe even some of the spawning fish. And see the existing and the ongoing devastation of the many Ash trees due to the invasion of the Emerald Ash Borer … almost a ‘See the Ash trees before they are gone!!’ Children and happy dogs are welcome participants. 

Saturday June 7th, 8:00 AM to NoonPlant Sale at 88 Cherie Drive for the “Friends of Walkers Creek”. 

This annual Plant Sale offers donated potted plants that have been growing in neighbourhood gardens, which speaks well for their adaptation to YOUR HOME garden. A good selection of various sized plants may just contain that one species you have been yearning to add to your home. Come, see and go home happy with something new!! 

And we do welcome donated plants for the Plant Sale. If you are reducing or dividing something in your garden, think of potting it up and dropping it of at 88 Cherie Road on Friday June 6th. Your donation becomes part of our only fund raising event that supports the efforts of “The Friends of Walkers Creek” … every penny earned goes right back into the Parks… special trees, Creek side bushes, Butterfly Garden development, Park benches … have been purchased in the past  and there are more projects waiting for the volunteer efforts supported by the Plant Sale proceeds. 

Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31st, “The Friends of Walkers Creek”, in cooperation with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authourity, (NPCA), will host delegates to a National Conference of Municipal Staff and Officials as the visitors experience the effective cooperation of volunteers, City and NPCA staff in managing water  courses, fostering natural conditions and all this in the middle of a heavily populated residential area. “The Friends of Walkers Creek” are very pleased (and proud) to have been chosen for this experience and with the cooperation of City Staff, NPCA staff and our volunteers, the parks have been made ready for this event. In order to allow adequate opportunities for the visitors to ask questions, be informed and have explanations given, smaller groups on three separate “Walks” have been arranged. 

A most enjoyable and productive time was recently spent with Mr. Steele’s Grades four and five students from Prince Philip School in the Parks. Introducing youth to the pleasure of and wonder of nature, the discovery of wonderful surprises in how nature cares for itself, learning how human behaviour can negatively impact on the environment, thus happy group of enthusiastic young folks also managed to rid the Parks of more than eleven bags of litter … a very exact example of why we need to care for the natural habit available to us. Future experiences with young people, including Cubs and Scouts, will introduce them to planting, to native plants and how to protect and encourage them, with energy and muscle power, experience why mulch is a protection for trees and special areas. “The Friends of Walkers Creek” are presently working to develop a planning group that will encourage more schools to use the Parks, to add true nature to their learning experiences, to help them see  what pleasure, fun and learning is waiting there for them. Imagine if only one of these students becomes a scientist … or hobbyist … who helps save our natural habitat … what a gift is developed through these pleasurable, fun and educational adventures. 

Visit the Parks often , enjoy the calm, search for the GPS Geocaching surprises, check out the tree tags for the English and Latin names of trees, look for the impact of heavy rain storms on the Creek, be annoyed with the too many plastic water bottles flushed down the Creek, keep an eye peeled for the large Snapping Turtle … yes and hopefully see the wee ducklings enjoying their swim lessons with Momma Duck … bring a book, enjoy a Park Bench, pat a passing dog, hear the silence … and watch for and listen to the many varieties of birds making their summer homes in the Parks … and yes, fly a kite too!!