Bye bye 2012, hello 2013



A sunny Saturday morning traffic in the Park!!

Definitely signs of Spring on Saturday, a day when the “Friends of Walkers’ Creek’ diligently disposed of the winter’s litter as a partner with “Pitch In Week” efforts across the City, shared the pleasure of walking with children and dogs and with clear direction to proceed into the coming months.

Annual Meeting Report

The successful but late Annual General Meeting on Thursday evening was a time when the review of 2012 was well received, when explanations of how the Parks are monitored and cooperatively attended to by the City Departments and Walker’s Creek Association, plans and hopes were shared as we look to the summer months and we reveled in the pleasure of this string of Parks so available for the enjoyment by all. Among the highlights noted was the planting of more than eighty trees in the Parks last Autumn, the plan for more music events in the coming months, review of the physical Parks with City Staff and Ward Councillors noted concerns with corrections and remediation  discussed and planned, including possible solutions for the often wet sections of the Pathways. Sadly the large number of ash trees that are being threatened by the Emerald Ash borer insect was noted and we can anticipate the removal of the many straight, apparently healthy but with evidence of infestation specimens, and this does not auger well for the future. News that the City Accessibility Committee has submitted its recommendations to the City regarding the pathways in Walker’s Creek South (off Linwell) and North ( of Parnell) and making those pathways more readily available to mobility challenged and handicapped visitors, is under active consideration. The return of the same group of Directors was unanimously adopted.

Town Hall Meeting

As a significant part of the Annual General Meeting, Grantham Ward Councillors Bill Phillips and Dawn Dodge shared their views and news at a Town hall Meeting. They urged all citizens to become aware of the proposed new Zoning Bylaw that is being discussed in Open House meetings with Planning Department staff, at various locations cross the City from now until mid-June. Grantham Ward is the largest primarily residential Ward in the City and the changes being proposed will affect the streets, neighbourhoods and what can and cannot be accomplished that will retain the present nature or make changes to that which has become familiar. Bill Phillips also noted that Grantham Ward is home to three community groups, “Friends of Malcomson Eco-Park”, Friends of Municipal Beach”  and Walker’s Creek Neighbourhood Association, which will be testing  a name adjustment to a more inclusive “Friends of Walker’s Creek” in the coming months. The Councillors expressed their appreciation to these groups who consistently advise, consult and make recommendations that can be considered by the City Council, thereby making sure a citizen’s voice is readily heard.

Of more than passing interest … 

Thursday evening, May 2nd, the 23rd St. Catharines Cub Scouts will be lending a hand spreading mulch about the base of trees in Walker’s Creek South Park … off Linwell, by Ina Graftion Gage, beginning at 7:00 PM. These energetic youngsters, with leaders and parents on hand, showed their ability to work hard when involved with Malcomson Park’s Earth Day.  Helping the “Friends of Walker’s Creek” add the mulch in advance of the grass moving season , will protect the trees while also adding some protection against another dry summer. All are welcome to assiat, bring your shovel, a bucket or wheelbarrow if you have one and join in the fun!!

Check out the unique “Cucumber Tree” in Walker’s Creek South, near the hump bridge overt the Creek … look up, way up to see the blossoms. This is a very special specimen … maybe the only one in St. Catharines … and was planted a number of years ago by the WCNA. And be sure to enjoy the fresh greenery of the many large Willow Trees throughout the Parks … more than a ‘Breathe of Spring’. Look up in the sky and see the circling Hawks… or are they Turkey Vultures?? More than twenty seen in one area on a sunny afternoon … quite a sight!!

And for those who doubt the existence of fish in the Creek … check out the area behind the Butterfly Garden in Cherie Road Park … and find the fish in the following photo taken a  week ago!! (Hint… centre upper … tails out of teh shadows!!)