Electronically challenged?? The WCNA responds …

Electronically challenged I am … and others tell they are too!! Computers, Smart phones, wireless communication, SKYPE, online banking, website use, Facebook, record keeping, texting, computer and video games … the electronic world can be a daily challenge. As young folks seem to master the use of these new ways to be engaged, as adults we may find ourselves struggling with getting the most out of the choice we have made to use these tools. 

In this round-table discussion format, Mike Fancy, the WCNA electronic communication guru, is ready and able to help de-mystify, answer those questions you have not found answers to in your available teenagers, and to show you the pathways through the new means of connecting with information and people. And Mike tells it as it is!! 

Bring your laptop, your cell phone, your questions to the November 23rd WCNA Community meeting at the Lion’s Club on Niagara Street, beginning at 7:00 PM, this hands-on session will guide and assist you in becoming more familiar with your chosen gadgets. Discussion on how  you can be aware of your young people’s use of these quick and easy connecting tools, can be troublesome or fascinating … so clearing the vision and understanding where you can be involved is the end goal of this session. 

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd AT 7:00 PM AT THE LION’S CLUB ON NIAGARA STREET W… “De-mystifying the electronic world!!”