From Planning to Action …

From planning to action, the deep snow slowly vanishes and with the seasonal change comes the list of activities developed over the cold months … get out your  green pencil and ring the following dates on your favourite calendar … 

April 16th  7:00 PM … Friends of Walkers Creek Annual Meeting

April 21 -26th      Clean City Committee Pitch in Day on Saturday the 26th … spring cleaning the City!!

April 23rd    “The Mayors Clean Sweep” at a chosen elementary school 

April 26th     “Earth Day”    Malcolmson Eco-park work parties and plant sale

Late April -Early May   Report sightings of the spawning fish in the lower Creek areas

May 15, , 29th, June 12th    Thursday morning “Spring Walks in the Walkers Creek Parks” 10:00 AM 

May 17    Saturday morning “Walk in Walkers Creek Parks”  10:00 AM … a whole family time!!

May and June     Thanks to a financial grant to “The Friends of Walkers Creek”, from the Niagara            Community Foundation, renewal of the Buffer Zone will be undertaken … watch for details and come help out!!

June 7th     The Friends of Walkers Creek Plant Sale … native plants from home gardens, ready for your garden. 

May and June    Continued work to involve school students in Park activities, nature study, learning how to plant and checking out the wild life!! Prince Philip School leads the way!!

June and July   Visit the Butterfly Gardens and check out the new growth and the early blossoms … see how these plants would fit in your home gardens, attracting birds and butterflies. 

September 11, 25 and October 9 …  Thursday mornings, “Autumn Walks in Walkers Creek Parks” 10:00 AM

October 4th    Saturday morning “Autumn Walk in the Walkers Creek Parks”  10:00 AM 

October 8th  7:00 PM   “Grantham Ward, All City Councillors Candidates Meeting”   Grantham Lions Club

Anytime … Geocaching in the Parks …  and find the 30 tagged trees and get their real names in English and Latin

 Enjoy the seasons, the spring growth and wild flowers, the Lilac trees in bloom, watch for the Cucumber tree to blossom, the activity of the Ducks, Snapping Turtles, Gold fish, see the new crop of Bunnies, enjoy the playgrounds, fly a kite, play tag with the young ones, introduce your children to the fun to be found in nature, rest awhile on the Park benches, soak up the gentle quietness with a good book or a good friend and bring your dog on a leash to enjoy the space and the many doggy friends you are sure to meet!! Drink in the Autumn colours. Stand on the bluff over the Lake and enjoy the vista, the cool breezes, the sightings of distant ships … and consider what this all looked like before settlement began and this was the meeting place of the ‘Neutral Indians’!!