Look up … look way up !!

Look up and see what maybe too small for the naked eye!! Saturday September 17th, in Cindy Drive Park at 7:15 PM, the local chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society will be setting up telescopes and encouraging young and old alike to see what may be hidden far above us.

Mr. Stan Sammy of the RAS, Niagara Chapter, when asked what we might be able to see, replied as follows: We will be looking forward to our night of viewing on Saturday 17th.  September. If we have a clear night we should be able to see the Planet Jupiter and its moons, many Globular Clusters of stars, Galaxies, including the Andromeda Galaxy which can be seen without telescopes or binocular, its is seen with the naked eye. We will have a tour of the Night Sky, Constellations and the Bright Stars.   With some luck, the International Space Station (ISS)  and Iridium Satellites might be visible from our vicinity. As usual any night you look up into the night sky it is possible to see shooting stars.

This is a WCNA “Weather Permitting” event … but cloudy or clear, this annual event has always been a fine attraction … the only caution being this fascinating hobby may captivate you , adding to you future pleasures!! Or maybe you will have a future astronomer in your family!!