Plant Sale and more …

The Plant sale for the WCNA happens this Saturday, June 2 beginning at 8:00 AM at 88 Cherie Drive, off Cindy Drive. Have we got Hostas!! And yes, planting them is still a good idea … and yes, it will rain sometime but until then, keep them well watered.

This annual event is a prime time to get those plants you’d like to have to fill in those spots that can use some brightening, some low maintenance beauties, some locally grown, locally home garden cared for plants so you know they are already climatized. Prices that make you think it is the 1940’s … variety, of course. Plus your purchase provides fund to the WCNA which goes right back into enjoyment for all in the Parks.

Mulching … yes, the mulch has been delivered and we are ready to enjoy the company of more volunteers to help spread the mulch, starting at the Costen Street entance of Walker’s Creek South … that buffer zone that has been cared for for a few years, that makes a differnce as we look at ways to have examples of what can be done to keep an area natural while also helping to keep it attractive with specimen plants. Wednesday May 30th at 8:00 AM … “in the cool, cool , cool of the morning …” bring a shovel, a big smile and enjoy the company and the accomplishments of many working to make things better.

We are working on it … the less than the best grass mowing by the contractor this year … we are not happy with the patches that get missed, with the weed whacking of some trees and generally not having our Parks look their best at all times. The responsible people are well aware of the situation and are working with the contractor to up the standard.

Motorcycle on the WCNA Pathway?? Egad, despite the many signs prohibiting motorized vehicles in the Parks paths, there are reports of a non-reader who has crossed the line and taken a short cut using the Pathways.   Please, if you see this happening, call the Police … and yes, the motorcycle may be gone by the time the Police arrive, but your report becomes part of a process that advises the Police they need to pay closer attention to this section and its misuse by certain individuals. Same for ATV’s!! And use the ‘Comment” section of this website to let us know too!!

Meet “Winston” … a regular Park visitor… Friendly, happy, obedient and a most welcome ‘friend’ to all. Thanks to Jennifer for sharing this happy photo!!