Pondering the months ahead …

Pondering the months ahead has been an activity underway since the WCNA AGM in January. As I review what the Directors have planned for the first half of the year, I am impressed, even excited, about what will be happening in and around the Walker’s Creek Parks and Neighbourhood Association.

Wednesday March 21st at 7:00 PM, the WCNA will host a Community meeting at the Grantham Lion’s Club on Niagara Street. The topic deals with computers and today’s social media devices as Members seek ways to enhance their skills, resolve operating concerns they are sure have a simple solution, consider the best use of the various tools now available … cell phones, book readers, use of Face book, creating Blogs … and this time, building on our previous successful evening dealing with the electronic world, we will also be helping people increasing their use of  “Kijijii” as the personal buying-selling site. Mike Fancy, a Director of the WCNA and our on-board computer and media guru, will lead this session.

Tuesday April 10th, Brock University’s “Conversation Cafe’ program will provide an opportunity for people to come together and consider  “Does your neighbourhood matter to you?” What is it that makes for a satisfying neighbourhood … what do we hope our neighbours and you family can find as common  interests … what can one do to encourage a friendly, interesting, caring neighbourhood and community? Share your thoughts, maybe your dreams, identify what you would like to see happening and what may be missing. A fine time to meet and ponder with others in the WCNA areas and beyond.

Wednesday May 9th … “Planning the gardens for the coming seasons” is a pertinent topic as the spring settles in , nurseries open and winter garden-less days get replaced with outdoor happy ‘down and dirty’ times. Expert advice, shared successes and solutions … and maybe some sharing?

And watch for details on the Official opening of the Cindy Drive Playground  on May 12th … a fun time for all being planned.

Also watch for notices about…

March 5th will see the City 2012 Budget made public. The WCNA has hopes that the WCNA  request to have the pathway from Grantham St. to Niagara St. will receive funding for paving through the Arboretuem and making movement easier for the mobility challenged folks and Laura Secord students getting to and from destinations. Yes, and easier  and more direct access to the new Pool and Library complex that nears completon. Lots of inside work underway!!

March 28th, the City Accessibility Committe and the WCNA will meet to plan for a survey of the Parks’ pathways as the first setp to receiving a report and recommendations that will set priorities and hopefully develop into improved pathways reliably and constantly usable by mobiloity challenged persons and all.

Earth Day is April 21 and the Parks Department is planning for that day, as is Malcolmson Park … Plant a tree at home? … Interesting idea!!

Saturday April 28, 2012  has been declared “Pitch In Week” clean-up day by the St. Catharines Clean City Committee. They have a morning event planned adjacent to the Market Square with displays and information from various organizations … Graffiti Group, Mainstream, Regional Waste Disposal staff, Crimestoppers, collection and disposal of all kinds of electronics, batteries, etc. will be available. The sites that will be targeted for special attention this year by the Clean City Committee volunteer groups will be announced and people are invited to join in this spring cleaning of the winter detritus. Always a fun and educational time for Kids and Parents and a way for High School students to earn their “Community Volunteer’ hours!!

Dates for the Malcolmson Park and WCNA “Plant sales” will soon be announced… an opportuity to add quality native plants to your gardens and yards … at very reasonable prices while also directly supporting these Neighbourhood  Associations

And please …

Use the comment opportunity on this website to tell us what you see in the Parks that needs attention.. The winter … what there has been of it … has dropped some trees by and into the Creek and knowing where they are, as reported by you, can help the WCNA direct the City crews’ action.

And would you mind if some WCNA person asks to photograph your dog when in the Parks? We’d like to ‘honour’ the regular users of the great space we also share with bunnies, soon with ducks and maybe the odd Snapping Turtle!! And keep an eye on the lower Creek as the spawning fish will soon be appearing and we like to be able to announce their arrival!!  Plus, did the odd Goldfish that was seen swimming in the Creek last year, make it though the winter??