Proposed Changes to the WCNA Constitution

As a result of a further year’s experience with the governing document for the Walker’s Creek neighbourhood association, the Executive recommends the passage and adoption of the following changes to the WCNA Constitution.

Article #2: Mission statement and Objectives
2.02> Add Pearson Park (Reach Eight) to the list of five parks (Walker’s Creek South and North, Cindy Drive Park, Cherie Road Park, Realty Park) previously identified.(3/2011)

Article # 5: Executive Of The Association
5.02> To the elected positions of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer add Membership Coordinator and Past Chairperson as a non-voting Executive member, based on this person’s willingness to continue and when she or he is not elected to a different elected Executive position.

Article #7: Duties of Executive Officers
7.06> The number of signing Executive officers be reduced from four to three, with any two required on cheques and necessary documents.

Article # 8: Duties of the Executive:
8.01> The use of the words “Community Meetings” replaces the words “General Meetings” when referring to meetings other than the Annual General meeting.

Article # 9: Meetings of the Executive
9.03> The required quorum for an Executive meeting is changed from two to three Executive members
9.05> In addition to the Executive Secretary, the Chairperson is included and able to give notice of a meeting of the Executive in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution.

Article #10: General (Community) Meetings of the Association
10.02> Meetings can be called by the Executive or by 10 members in good standing, a reduction from the previously stated 20 members.
10.03> Quorums of General (Community) meetings shall be 8 members in good standing.

Your comments are always welcome.  These proposed changes will be voted upon at the next general meeting.