Seen Recently in our Parks …

Some “Daisy Ducks” along with their 2011 “Huey, Luey and Dewey’ offsprings, paddling and waddling about in the Creek. With low water levels, these wee ducklings are learning to swim just short distances in pools before waddling over sand bars or rocks to get into the next water filled pool. If we could understand Duck Talk, I am sure that Mother Daisy is saying things we are better off not hearing!! “We are not pleased” would seem most appropriate!!

I do know she was somewhat distressed as she directed her brood around some discarded plastic water bottles, pop cans and potato chip bags … please take your litter home for disposal and not use the Creek as a garbage can! Or use one of the many City refuse barrels that are now being emptied on a more regular schedule.

Also seen in a  deeper and larger pool, a bright coloured, goodly sized Goldfish, swimming merrily along, finding shade and safety under roots and in weed patches. Not the best way to dispose of a former family pet, though this fish did appear to be enjoying him/herself.

And … thanks to the City crews, some Park benches in Walker’s Creek South now sport brand new wooden seats and backs … pressure treated for endurance, new and straight for looks and unmarked by weather or graffiti for hopefully a long time!