September meeting of the Directors

The September meeting of the Directors of “The Friends of Walkers Creek … WCNA” is happening Wednesday, September 18, beginning at 7:00 PM at the Grantham Lions Club on Niagara Street. All members and friends are welcome to attend and participate in the Q & A session. Copies of the “Homeowners Stewardship Guide for Walkers Creek” booklet will be available at this meeting.

The agenda is as follows:

1- Welcome

2- Minutes of the September Directors meeting

3- Business arising:
   A- Evaluation of the “Homeowners Stewardship Guide” Launch and TD Tree Planting
     1- Distribution of the Guide to residences adjacent to the parks
     2- Possible application for TD Foundation grant request for signage
     3- Repositioning of some shrubs
   B- Evaluation of the Star Gazing Night
     1- Promotion
     2- Attendance
     3- Does a school curriculum contain astronomy? … if so, could we look at inviting the students to also come by in 2014.
C- WCNA Walks in the Parks:
   1- Schedule: All on Thursday mornings beginning at 10:00 AM
     September 19       Walkers Creek North      Parnell start
    October 13           Walkers Creek South       Parnell start
    October 17          Cindy Drive Park               Cindy Drive start
    October 31          Cherie Road Park             Cindy Drive start
   2- Proposal for 2014:
*     Reduce Walks to three in each season, Spring and Fall, starting as per the 2nd dates used at present.
*     Consider 2 weekend walks each season to include those people who may be otherwise occupied (employed)

4- New Business:
    1- Community Meeting Wednesday October 18th
      * Program: Possible review of the new Zoning Bylaw
     * Invite school officials to attend a meeting to help us look at school involvement in the Parks … volunteering, Geochaching,  
        nature walks, water quality with Mark Green, photography with the Camera Club ………..
  2- Additions to the Directors group … possible suggested source of people; skills wanted
  3- Date for the AGM January 2014

5- Other Business:
1- Q & A with members and friends

6- Next Directors meeting: October 18th combined with Community meeting

7- Adjournment: