Summer Events …

Sumer Events … on that the last day of June, a sweltering month mainly, those for whom heat and humidity are not good companions hope for some cool relief while the heat lovers bask in happiness with such a  grand start to a summer. And a busy summer it will be for WCNA Members and Friends … adding to the daily enjoyment  of cycling, dog walking, strolling, bench sitting, enjoying kids and grand kids in the playgrounds, seeing the Creek struggle with an absence of rain or watching it billow after a good soaking, checking out the flowering plants in the Butterfly Gardens and meeting folks for chats, laughs and sharing … the basic components of the Parks to which the WCNA now adds events and programs.

July 4th  … City Accessibility Committee members come to the Parks to walk the pathways, consider the bridges and gather information in order to preapre a report that will contain evaluations of the paths for use by mobility challenged folks. We anticipate learning what needs to be done to improve the pathways, to make them more enjoyable for people using walkers, wheelchairs and power mobilty units. This report and its recommendations will provide the basis for discussions with the City as we plan for the coming years and even more opportunities for all to enjoy the Parks and the variety of experiences they offer.

July 19, 7:00 PM in Cindy Drive Park …  “The Grantham Town Hall Meeting in the Parks” … meet with Councillors Bill Phillips and Dawn Dodge for an informal gathering and conversations regarding City events, plans, intentions, and an opportunity to share views, ask questions and get the latest information on what is happening City wise around us and in our Ward. Bring your comfy lawn chair, some bottled water and enjoy sharing views and opinions with our Ward Councillors who share our concern and affection for the Parks and our Neighbourhoods. (Note: Thursday July 26th at 7:00 PM is the alternate date should rain interfere with the July 19th plan.)

Also in July … the tree tags, purchased with the monies earned in the 2011 WCNA Plant Sale, will be attached to 30 specimen trees throughout the Parks. Permanently attached, these tags identify the species in both English and Latin. And for added fun, each tag will be specifically located by GPS and these locations will be listed, over time, on this website for “your fun find”. All tagged trees are ‘native’ to our area and will help you distinguish between the number of different Maple Trees, find the Cucumber Tree, Tulip trees and more. We plan on adding more tags each year as our budget permits. And there are ideas floating around as to how we can make the WCNA Parks a center of Geocaching activity … ideas welcome!!

The WCNA will hand deliver letters and a Regional information bulletin dealing with alternatives to dumping of grass cuttings and garden detritus in the Parks and by the Creek.  Correcting the misguided belief that such material is a healthy way to fertilize areas is well explained and what to do with the garden materials no longer wanted by property owners, now that the compost collection does not permit grass clipping in curb side pick-up, we hope this information will asssit in explaining and providing solutions that do not adversely affect the Parks and leave the property owners, who do the dumping, open to significant penalties.

Looking forward …

                       >>>>>efforts are underway to have a Naval Reserve Band … 35 members strong … present a free program of music in the Parks in early August. Watch this website for details  as soon as  all arrangements are completed.

>>>>>September 8th is the date selected for the 2012 “Star Gazing Night in the Parks”. This well attended annual event, offered with the much appreciated cooperation of the Niagara Chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society, is planned for Cindy Drive Park on a hopefully nice clear night!!

>>>>> Early November, the WCNA will again host a “Conversation Cafe”. These Community Learning programs, coordinated and offered by Brock University, are opportunities to meet for an hour and half, discuss a chosen topic and enjoy sharing your views with those of other similarly interested folks.

Looking back … 

>>>>> Many thanks to Della and Wayne Trojan and Mike Sullivan who, despite the heat, managed to spread mulch, supplied by the City, around newly planted and some more mature trees, as protection from the big mowing machines and the reduction of weeds and tall grass.

>>>>>  Also many thanks to the ” Mainstream Graffiti Removal Crew” that do such a fine job of removing graffiti from Park equipment and items within the Parks. May the person or persons who defaced  some park benches and the Darby Family Commemorative Plaque, find sleep a problem as  their misbehaviour created an annoying problem for the many interested in enjoying the benches or knowing what that Plaque wishes to convey …

>>>>>> And to  the many folks who supported the WCNA Plant Sale in early June … may your gardens bloom greatly!! Your support has provided the WCNA with close to $500 to be used for future projects in the Parks.

Summer in the Parks … a daily celebration!!