Time sure flies …

Time sure flies this time of year … what with glorious bright mornings, later evenings, busy gardeners, happy dogs running in the Parks and the sudden leafing out of the trees. Native Spring flowers, almost familiar, slowly fade and new colours and sizes appear. And the WCNA Parks sure are staying litter free after Pitch In Week efforts.

It’s been a busy time with successful events and more scheduled. On Thursday, the first “Spring Walk in The Parks” saw a nice group of folks stroll through Walker’s Creek South, finding new things to appreciate, including a “Cucumber Tree”, shrubs and trees planted by the WCNA seven years ago growing strong and taller, enjoying the aroma of the newly mowed grass and checking out the slow flow of the water in the Creek, the many types of trees along its banks in just this one Park. The next “Walk in The Parks” will start at 10:00 AM on Thursday May 24th at the Parnell Street entrance to Walker’s Creek North Park. With Della Trojan, Vice Chair of the WCNA,  leading these Walks, one is assured of getting answers to their questions, explanations of what has happened and what is planned while enjoying the uniqueness of each different Park. May 31st, the Walk will roam through Cindy Drive Park, beginning at the Lakeshore entrance to that Park. Each Walk begins at 10:00 AM and takes about an hour … more if there are lots of questions!!

The most recent Walk followed a most interesting Tuesday evening Community Meeting where preparing the garden was the topic and with June Streadwick, Master Gardner, in attendance, discussion on native plants, dividing your overgrown plants … Hostas prevailed … and identifying invasive weeds … some of which do have a certain beauty!! Striving to have a native plant garden is an ongoing goal of the WCNA and finding the species you want was also discussed.

With the WCNA Plant Sale on June 2nd from 8:00 AM to ____ at 88 Cherie Street … off Cindy Drive … people who are dividing plants in home gardens and find they have too many of a species, are asked to pot them up and drop them off at the Cherie Street address in advance of the sale date. This sale is the major WCNA fund raiser and in past years has provided new benches, plants in the Butterfly Gardens and this year the final decision on use will include consideration of adding additional native bushes and plants to various areas of the Parks. Excellent prices and many native species makes this sale a gold mine for the gardener looking to add or supplement what already grows in home gardens.

Following the Plant Sale on June 2nd, we will begin to ‘tag’ the trees in the Parks … identification tags will be added to 30 trees this year giving the native name and also the Latin name of the different species. These tags will be spread out between Scott St and the Lake through the Parks and, using GPS locaters, those so included to use that interesting tool, will be able to find the tagged trees easily!! Finally, you will be abe to identify the many different Maple tree species that can be found throughout the Parks!

If you happen on some WCNA folks mulching around the new trees and the buffer zone off Costen Street, and if Della Trojan is (almost certainly) among the folks, ask her how she managed to discourage a wee Raccoon from adopting her as a Mom while she clipped tall grasses in the buffer zone. Volunteers to help with the mulching are always welcome… watch the WCNA webiste for days and times when this gentle activity is scheduled … bring you shovel and smile and pitch in to make the Parks even better.

Bunnies, ducks, birds of many sorts, Snapping Turtles and Trout swimming up the Creek are but some of the ‘friends’ we have in the Parks. Add in Raccoons and Possums and the invisible night time wanderers, whose trails are visible in the grasses Creek side, and we have a grand opportunity to share nature with children, strollers and good folks who enjoy the Parks. And if you contemplating adding a  dog to your family, the Parks are great places to enjoy the close up company of many breeds and their proud owners … small to tall, all with friendly personalities, it is a great way to get a “Puppy Fix”!!

A request to cyclist using the Park pathways… please ring you bell to announce your approach to folks walking alone, in groups and/or with dogs. It can be a frightening experience to suddenly find a bike passing on the pathways … this courtesy is especially true for the many “Seniors” … now called “Older Adults”?? .. using the fine pathways for a stroll.

Many thanks to the many individuals who have taken to carrying a plastic grocery store bag with them and who pick up the occasional piece of litter along thee way. This effort does insure that the Parks are kept in a much more pristine way … enjoyable for all. And we do appreciate the kind and complimentary comments we have been receiving on just this issue.

The photo below sure does express the “Gem” we have in the Parks by Walker’s Creek. Bring a friend and stroll the pleasant, calm, refreshing beauty in our midst … bring a book and take advantage of the many more benches now placed throughout the Parks … bring the Grandkids and giggle as they enjoy the three playgrounds … thee Parks are there for your use … enjoy, eh?