“Walks In The Parks” schedule …

“Walks In The Parks” … for those of us fortunate enough to have Thursday mornings free for ‘other things’, mark your calendar for the “WCNA Walks in the Parks”. Starting at 10:00 AM each Thursday for the dates listed below, weather permitting, these walks, with leadership by WCNA folks, are an adventure, a hike, a discovery time and a pleasant way to enjoy the ‘Gems’ in our midst with other equally interested people. Dogs on leashes … and childen NOT on leashes … are most welcome !  The pathways are fine for strollers.

These Walks usually take an hour or slightly more and you will be amazed at how much you may have missed on just your gentle strolls. Questions are most welcome and where we don’t know, we’ll find out for you!! Plus it is the perfect time to maybe see the wee bunnies, 2012 variety, maybe a Raccoon and babies, some ducks on the Creek … maybe even a late trout working upstream to spawn … yep, frogs in some areas … and other folks enjoying the Parks!!


Thursday May 24 … Walker’s Creek North, meeting at the Parnell Road entrance

Thursday May 31 … Cindy Drive Park, meeting at the Lakeshore Road entrance

Thursday June 7 … Cherie Road Park, meeting at the Cindy Drive entrance

And … 

Thursday June 14 … Malcolmson Park leaders in Malcolmson Park … Lakeshore Road entrance

Thursday June 21 … Malcolmson Park leaders in Malcolmson Park … Lakeshore Road entrance

These “Walks In The Parks” are a cooperative venture with the Recreation and Community Services Department of the City, volunteers from the Walker’s Creek Neighbourhood Association and from Malcomson Eco-Park.

And we encourage you to enjoy a self directed stroll from Scott Street … beside Starbucks … through to Regent Street and into Realty Park … a man made canyon and step down stream barriers … very different from any other Park in the WCNA string of seven parks.