You must read this …

You must read this to stay connected and to take advantage of your “Friends of Walkers Creek … WCNA” membership benefits.

May 6th … Rice Road Nurseries ‘Discount Day’ for 2014 Members of the “Friends of Walkers Creek … WCNA”!! Showing your current membership card makes your membership a valuable asset … save and plant glorious additions to your home gardens. Match your fancy with great prices.  Better than Air Miles, Sobey’s points, VISA points … this discount returns more that your Membership fee of $10 and gives you great choice of quality plantings!!
Thanks Rice Road Nurseries for helping make St. C. a more attractive City through the efforts of the Members of “The Friends”!!

Change of address notice: 
   For years the WCNA and now “The Friends of Walkers Creek … WCNA’ have had a Post office box as our mailing address. As these costs increased substanially over the years, the decision was made to use a less expensive way for mail to come to us … so we have changed our mailing address to:

                                       The Friends of Walkers Creek … WCNA
                                                c/o 5511 – 413 Linwell Road
                                                   St. Catharines, ON
                                                          L2M 7Y2

The phone number to our City Hall answering service remains teh same as does our website address and check us out on Facebook too!!